3 Tips to Welcoming Your Holiday Guests

If you're anything like me, you're hosting the Holiday festivities this year. I'm so super excited about hosting, however, it does require quite a bit of preparation.  I'm having overnight guests, therefore, I have to prepare for the extra visitors and ensure they are comfortable here during their stay. One thing about me, is that I low key LOVE a good hotel visit. I take my time in selecting the right hotel based upon amenities offered, location and price. I like to bring the hotel feel to my overnight guests. I want them to feel welcomed in my home and comfortable. Here are a few tips on how you can welcome your overnight guests.

1. Clean, Soft, and Fresh Linen

I know to many of you, this may be a given, however, let me explain. Have you ever gone into a hotel, pulled back the blanket, only to discover stains, crumbs, or filth in the sheets? It causes you to question your entire stay at that point right? If you haven't had guests in a while, go ahead and change the sheets on the bed anyway. A fresh, clean set of sheets, washed with DOWNY, always makes a huge impact on how your guests sleep. To me, there is nothing like the smell of DOWNY or Clean linen. I typically choose white linen, so that my guests can feel the cleanliness of the room and rest more comfortably.

2. Provide a Toiletry Basket

One of the things I love about great hotel stays are the toiletries. I was always so super happy when the toiletry items provided were from Bath and Body Works!! There was this one scent that I fell in love with, Orange and Ginger. After a nice, hot shower, that scent was so relaxing and always helped to ease me off into a nice sleep. You can provide your guests with that same feeling. Provide them with a toiletry basket to include travel sizes of soap, deodorant, mouth wash, toothbrush and tooth paste. Be sure to pick up a candle from your favorite candle shop and light the candle to fill the room with relaxing fragrances. Some of my favorites are Mahoghany Teakwood, Orange Ginger, and a Thousand Wishes, all from Bath and Body Works. 

3. Add Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers always add a warm welcome to any environment. Flowers always seem to open up a room and provide a welcoming experience, and it's an inexpensive touch for your guests.

How do you plan to Welcome your Holiday Guests this holiday season? Comment below.