Video| Chrissy's July Favorites

Chrissy's July Favorites

In my last post, I listed and showed pictures of a few of my July favorites. Yesterday, I was able to FINALLY record my July Favorites video! YAY!!! I was so excited to record a video, I haven't been able to record one (related to beauty) in quite some time now. It feels good to be back in the YouTube/Blogging world. July was truly an amazing month for products. I have finally perfected my Skin Care Routine  after tweaking it several times, Simple products work best for my skin with the routine shown in my Skin Care Routine Video. I was also excited to find products to help me sculpt my eye brows the way I like them. Not to mention, I found a fragrance that makes me just SMILE when I smell it. Enough of my rambling, on with the video..........

What were your July Favorites?

Did you have any favorites in July? Tell me about them. I'm always searching for new products that give fabulous results. Feel free to share your finds with a video response or with a comment.

As always,

Thanks for watching! God Bless!

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