Top 5 highlighters and bronzers


What would a summer makeup look be without highlighters and bronzer? I want to show you some of my favorite bronzers and highlighters that I have found so far. You will be amazed to know that some of these products are very inexpensive. But before I get into that, let me explain the purpose of a bronzer and highlighter.


I absolutely love a good bronzer, especially in the summer. Once you have applied your foundation, you have added your under eye highlight and your face has been set, you can now choose to bronze. Bronzing brings tone back to the skin. Sometimes when we highlight, we lose some of our natural contour and definition to our face. By adding a darker/golden color to the skin, we can give our face a fresh, natural (and even tanned) appearance. I love bronzing for all complexions. Bronzer can also be used to contour the face. The purpose of contouring is to bring back the definition to the face that may have been lost from applying foundation. By contouring with a bronzer it warms the skin up in a very natural way. Depending on the look you are trying to accomplish, I use a bronzer at least 2 shades darker/warmer than my normal skin tone.


Hands down, this is my favorite part of applying makeup.  Highlighting is the art of adding light to areas where the light would normally hit the skin. When done correctly, your skin will give off a natural sun kissed glow in all of the right places. Even with minimal makeup, highlighting can add an essential finishing touch to complete your look. Some of the places you can highlight are: brow bone, cheekbone, bridge of nose, and cupid's bow, just to name a few areas.  Some of your shimmery eyeshadows or blushes can be used to highlight. There are no rules in makeup. If you find a shade that works….USE IT (even if it is an eyeshadow or lip color). You can find some really good bronzers and highlighters right in your local drug store. Below are a few of my favorite bronzers and highlighters. I also included swatches of the highlighter so that you can see how they look against my skin tone. You can click on the links to purchase these items. 1. MAC Cosmetics- Mineralized Skin Finish- Gold Deposit $32 2.  MAC Cosmetics- Extra Demension Skin Finish - Superb- $32 (Limited Edition) 3. Love and Beauty Bronzer - sold at Forever 21 stores. $5 - Sold out online 4. Cover girl Queen Collection Bronzer - Ebony Bronze  $6.99 5.  Black Radiance Pressed Powder - Rich Mahogany - $4 6.  MAC Cosmetics Blush - Blunt - $21   Have a good day! IMG_5409 IMG_5418 IMG_5411 IMG_5420 IMG_5412 IMG_5421 IMG_5407 IMG_5413 IMG_5414