That Heaux Lipstick is a bad HEAUX!

Heaux Lipstick by Mac Cosmetics

So as you all know I have been waiting for my Heaux lipstick to arrive. Once I returned from New York, it was at my door step. I could not WAIT to open that beautiful black box and try on this lip color. I was more excited to receive this one, than I was with Ri Ri Woo. The Ri Ri Woo color is a beutiful Retro Matte Red, however, I was excited about wearing a color with more of a Berry color. Was it worth all of the hype (and the wait?) YES!!! Absolutely! This lipcolor is EVERYTHING! I'm not sure how Rihanna determined which colors she would use for her collection, but this Heaux lipstick is everything a girl could dream for! I am truly enjoying the Ri Ri Hearts Summer collection. Now on to the review.....

Heaux Lipstick Review

The best way I would describe this color is a red-berry with a matte finish. Per MAC Cosmetics website it describes Heaux as a matte berry. The amazing thing about this lipstick is the finish. The Retro Matte finish is not the typical Matte finish. I found this lipstick to be moisturizing with amazing color pay off. I did not have to retouch this lip color all day. I was very impressed with the staying power this lipstick has. I normally have dry lips therefore lipsticks were not my favorite. I was more so a fan of lipgloss. However, with this Retro Matte finish I have truly become a fan of lipsticks. I did not have to apply any gloss with this lipstick, I was able to wear it - as is.  Take a look a few photos displaying Heaux Lipstick:

heaux lipstick

heaux lipstick

Check out my video of my First Look at Heaux Lipstick

Did any of you purchase any products from the Ri Ri Hearts Collection by MAC Cosmetics? What are your thoughts on the collection so far? Feel free to leave all comments below.

If you are looking for a lipstick to spice up any look, I truly recommend Heaux Lipstick from the Ri Ri Hearts Collection of MAC Cosmetics. I have already filmed one look  featuring Heaux lipstick, I will have it posted to this blog this week. Stay tuned for more reviews, videos, and Makeup tutorials from

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