Summer Smokey Eye and Glow


Sometimes you just feel like getting all Glammed up and feeling pretty. This past weekend Hubbs and I went to my parent's house for a fish fry. I haven't really had the chance to just give myself an all out GLAM in a while so I picked Saturday to do just that. Now most of you always ask me the easiest way to pick makeup colors. My answer is simple, a Smokey Eye matches any outfit, for any occasion to achieve any look! When preparing for this look, I gathered all of my basics: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Brow Pencil, and Makeup Brushes. 

How To Achieve The Look

Lately I've been a fan of completing my base (foundation, concealer, highlight/contour) first. Once I have completed my base, I then move into my eye makeup. (Here's a PRO TIP: anytime you are completing a look such as a smokey eye, be sure to add TONS of powder underneath your eye area to catch any fall out you may have from your eye shadow.) I knew this particular smokey eye, I would use dark colors, so I applied a dark base. For a base you can use a Paint Pot, or even a dark eyeliner on your lid. This gives your eyeshadows something to stick to which in turn helps with longevity of your eye makeup. Once I applied my base, I went in with BLACK OUT eyeshadow by Urban Decay and placed it on my lid. For my transition color, I used a sienna brown to assist with blending out the black shadow for a seamless transition. To give my eyelids a pop, I added GREEN SMOKE by MAC Cosmetics on my lid. This amped up my Smokey eye by adding a touch of Green sparkles to the lid. 

Smokey Eyes are fun because you can allow your creativity to really kick in with these looks. You can always layer colors for a fun and exciting look.


To top off the look, I added a soft pink/peach blush to the cheeks for a flushed look and a soft pink lipstick. The rule of thumb is if your eyes are bold, go simple with the lips and cheeks (and vice versa). But again, who lives by rules right?! If you want to go bold all over.....DO YOU! Have fun, it's just color. You can always add a Gold shimmer to your cheek bones or a nice shimmer bronzer to your cheeks instead of blush. Bronzer is a quick and easy way to warm up your skin and to add a sheer glow from within. 

I hope you will try a fun smokey eye this summer and if so, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I would truly love to see what you create!