How to Have a Spa Night at Home



Let me paint the had a long day...long week even. Everything that could possibly happen, did happen. The kids are screaming, you are tired and  just want to relax somewhere.....alone.....away from your phone, friends, spouse and kids. But you don't want to spend a fortune just to relax. What do you do? I'll tell you EXACTLY what to do. Lock yourself in your bathroom and have a relaxing spa night at home. You will be shocked at how 1 hour in the bathroom alone can change your life!

The Prep

I don't know about you, but most people don't have thousands of dollars floating around to play with. Therefore anything that's financially modest is always a plus. The key to having a relaxing night is simple: Ambiance, scents/fragrance, exfoliation and moisture. With this in mind, you can create an amazing evening using items in your local Family Dollar or Dollar Tree. Simple things like: candles, epsom salt, bath salt, bubble bath, and oils can change your entire experience. Pick up your favorite scents, I particularly like scents such as Lavender (it's so relaxing). Epsom salt aids in relaxing muscles and removing tension. Pick up a little Vitamin E oil to add to your water. This will aid in nourishing your skin and leaving your skin smooth. Also grab your favorite drink or magazine to enjoy while in the tub.

The Plan

Plan to have an evening uninterrupted for at least 1 hour . Bring in a music player (please don't place it near Run your bath water to a temperature that's comfortable for you. Add in your bath salts, bubble bath, and oils .Light your candles and place them around the bathtub. Pour a glass of wine (or your beverage of choice), place it and your magazines or book beside the tub. Don't forget to place your scrubs near your tub as well.

The Party

Now it's time for some relaxation! One thing that is very important in this night is to LOCK THE BATHROOM DOOR!! That is very important. It's the only way to not get interrupted. In addition to locking the door, I also like to leave my phone in another room to further prevent distractions. By this time, your candles should have a great aroma, if you want, you can turn down the lights in the bathroom and really allow yourself to relax. I like to use body scrubs while I'm in the bathtub to exfoliate my skin. I also take this time to do facial preserve the sexy! Relax, enjoy the ambiance, listen to your music or read your book. However you choose to spend this time, be sure you are relaxing. Don't think about what's for dinner, or what you will wear to work tomorrow or any of that. JUST RELAX! 

I filmed a quick video to show you how I relax on my mini spa night.