Skin Care Routines


Skin Care Routines

People are always asking, "What is the key to perfect makeup?" The answer is great skin care routines!! Your skin is your body's #1 organ. Just imagine what would happen if you took care of your #1 organ.  Having just a basic skin care routine that you practice regularly can make a drastic difference in both your makeup and your daily appearance. Once you have accomplished healthy skin, wearing makeup will become an option, not a MUST! I have to admit, once I began my skin care journey, it was refreshing to know that my skin had a natural glow, and makeup was just an added accessory. Now that we know that a basic skin care routine is a must, let's find out how to establish one.

How to establish Skin Care Routines

The good news about establishing skin care routines is, there are inexpensive options to do so. Most items that you will need to establish a daily skin care routine can be purchased from your local drug store. You do not have to purchase the expensive products that most people are raving about. I fell into the hype last Christmas. Everyone was raving about purchasing the new Clarisonic brush. I told my husband I HAD TO have one. So of course, my husband purchased the brush for me. I began to use it as directed, however, after about 1 month I noticed my skin began to have more breakouts. Before I began to use the brush, I was told my skin would go through a purging know...the whole, "it will get worse before it gets better" spill. When my skin began to break out, I contributed it to the "purging phase."  After a few more weeks, I decided, this could not be normal. Something was not right. My skin was almost just as painful to look at as it was physically. By this time, I was desperate, I ran to Google. I began to search for articles, YouTube videos, anything related to Skin Care Routines. I came across This is where I found my basic skin care routine, that I am still using today! This skin care routine has saved my skin tremendously. Watch the video below:

 Starting your Skin Care Routines

Starting your basic skin care routine is as simple as purchasing the products listed in the video and GETTING STARTED! Follow the instructions in the above video or visit for more information on Skin Care Routines.



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