Should I start Flat Tummy Tea?

I know I know, not another Flat Tummy Tea Review...well you're right....IT'S NOT! I just want to tell you about my experience with Flat Tummy Tea. Why did I purchase it, how did I use it, does it work, is it worth the money. (Ok so I fibbed, it is kind of like a review....but waaaaayyyy doper!). I'm actually going to show you how I make my tea in the video below, or you can skip straight to it HERE. flat tummy tea

I was extremely excited to order this tea. Here is a little background information on me. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Constipation (IBS-C). It SUCKS SO BAD!!! Therefore finding a product to regulate my system in a gentle, dependable way is so incredibly difficult. I decided on the Flat Tummy Tea after reviewing their website, reading tons of reviews and just flat out...curiosity. The tea arrived very quickly, (which was impressive), and it had a cute little pouch to contain the tea. This is a loose tea, so you will need a tea diffuser, I got mine from here.

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There are two types of tea that comes with the kit: The Activate and the Cleanse. The Cleanse is to be taken every 2nd day during the 1st week at night. Then, every 3rd day during the 2nd week at night.  The Activate tea is to be taken every morning. The recommended dose is 1 tsp of loose tea. The directions are pretty basic and easy to follow. The tea has to steep for 3-5 minutes after brewing, then it an be served. I did not sweeten the tea at all, because I wanted to receive the full benefits of the tea.

flat tummy tea- chrissy woods


The tea was extremely easy to digest. It had a good flavor that almost tasted like mint. Most importantly it sent me to the bathroom!!! I did notice I had an increase in gas and I didn't feel bloated throughout the day when I was drinking the tea. Getting rid of the bloating ALONE was a lifesaver. Now to dispel any rumors about the my experience, the tea flattens your tummy by ridding your body of the bloating and gas. This tea will not BURN FAT FOR YOU! However, with proper diet and exercise in addition to this tea, you will see a noticeable difference. Even without diet and exercise, you will see a decrease with bloating which in turn will relive your belly of the extra FLUFF.


The preparation is so much fun to me (I'm weird like that). I probably like the preparation equally as much as I like the tea. I made a quick video to show you how I prepare my tea. All of the information about my tea infuser and the tea will be listed below. Check out the video and see how easy it is to prepare your Flat Tummy Tea.

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