Revlon CEO can smell black people?


I was so disturbed on yesterday to be tagged in the article about Revlon CEO stating he "believes he can smell black people when they walk in to a room." I understand there were other remarks made in reference to other cultures as well, however, I took most offense to this one. As an African American Makeup Artist, I have used Revlon products for quite some time. I have been a huge advocate for the 24 hour Color Stay foundation for at least the past 6 or 7 months. It was truly my go to foundation. This comment was so disturbing because, I take pride in my African American heritage, and this was extremely disrespectful. One thing I have learned, as a leader, you must be open minded, fair and responsible. This alleged leader, did not display any of these character traits. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. We live in a world of hate, and prejudices. We are even prejudice of our own race, sex, and religious beliefs. It's unfortunate that this prejudice was brought to light from a beauty company as large as Revlon, however, this helps us keep in mind, prejudices still exist. Will you continue to purchase Revlon products? How did this statement effect you? To read the original post CLICK HERE

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