Retro Glam featuring Heaux Lipstick

Retro Glam featuring Heaux Lipstick

Hey beauties! I am so in love with this Heaux lipstick I decided to create a look that is very Retro. I opted for a very neutral eye with a dark crease. The texture and finish of Heaux lipstick really made this look pop. In the video I show you how I created this look, I hope you enjoy it.

Creating the Eyes for the Retro Glam ft Heaux lipstick

To start out any look, I always use a primer. For this look, I opted to use NYX eyeshadow base in the color White. Next using the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, I placed the color Virgin over the entire lid. This really gives us  a muted lid to work with. I wanted to apply darker colors at the top with a light color on the lid. Next, I used Brown Down by MAC Cosmetics in the crease, along with Black Out by Urban Decay. Together these colors gave me a defined crease. The brush I used for this is a pencil brush. The pencil brush allowed me to really get into the crease area to create a cut crease effect. Depending on the shape of your eye, you will place these colors either in your crease, or right above the crease. Once I created the crease effect, I went in with one of my favorite colors, Brown Script by MAC Cosmetics and a fluffy tapered blending brush which is the E40 from Sigma. Using a sweeping method, I blended the harsh lines from the dark crease out. Blending gives your eyeshadows a more clean and professional look. Take as much time as you need to blend. To finish the eyes, I added mascara and liner.

Applying Heaux Lipstick

heaux lipstickWhen applying this lipstick, I decided not to use a liner. I was still very pleased with the outcome of this look. The texture of this lipstick was very smooth and moisturizing. I definitely love the Retro Matte finish that MAC Cosmetics has given for this line of lipcolors. After wearing this lipstick for more than 5 hours, I was very impressed with the staying power. It did not need to be re-applied. The color was very vibrant all day.

I normally have very dry lips, however, I did not have any problems with dyness with this Heaux lipstick. For more infomation, please see my review by clicking here.  I hope you enjoyed this look. Please leave comments and/or questions below.

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