Purple Smokey Eyes x Blonde Hair

Put Some Color in your Routine

One of the things that I hear far too often from Women of Color (WOC) is, "I can't wear those bright colors, I'm too dark for that." I'm not sure where this stigma came from, but I'm here to tell you, women of color......can wear color! There is a shade of color that's right for everyone, no matter how deep or fair your skin tone is. 

Today I'm wearing a purple smokey eye and blonde hair!! Totally left field from the common neutrals and darker hair. Sometimes you have to switch it up a bit. Call an audible. Give yourself a different look....a different feel. I like to step out on the wild side every now and then. I've worn blue hair, purple hair....you name it! Color allows you to express yourself....it's freedom and fun.


Start out incorporating colors slow. In my Beauty Basics Classes, I always encourage my Bombshells to add a bold color to your eyelid first. It's an easy way to start adding color. Here's an insider tip --------->Your makeup doesn't have to match your clothes....*gasps* can you believe it?! No it doesn't. If you have on a pink shirt, you don't have to wear pink eyeshadow. There are numerous colors that compliment the color pink.....pick one and wear it! Fill in/Shape your brows (Learn how to HERE), pop on a bold color on your lid, add mascara to your lashes, apply your foundation of choice, and wear a nude lip or lipgloss. BOOM! You're ready to start your day. 


Each season, I tend to change my hair in some way. Last season, I wore the Goddess Locs....I took a chance on a new style and absolutely loved it. This season, I decided to go long and blonde! WOOHOO!! I totally love it too. I customized this color myself and I'm super proud and happy with how it turned out. I was a little nervous about going this light and this long but what the heck........ YOLO!!! I did it. What are some hair styles you would like to try for fall? Don't be afraid, step out of your comfort zone and give it a shot!

TIP TIME....find a GO TO...LOOK ALIKE celebrity who has the same facial structure and complexion as you. Look at different hair and makeup styles that are worn by that person. This will give you an idea of how you may look with that style of makeup or hair. For instance, my GO TO is Tyra Banks. Tyra has a large forehead (like me) and we share some of the same facial features. Therefore when I wanted Goddess locs, I looked at photos of Tyra to get an idea of how that style looked on her. You following me?


Your nails are an excellent way to incorporate color into your life. I tend to view my nails as an added accessory. Yours don't have to be as flashy as mine, however, you can definitely add color to your nails. For instance, currently, I have 4 pink nails, and 1 hologram nail. An accent nail is always a fun way to incorporate color. (I also have a few crystals on 1 nail on each hand as well).  So try it out!

There is no better time than the present to get started adding some color to your life! Let me see. Post  pic or tag me on Instagram (@mschrissywoods), I want to see what colors you have added. Have a great week!