Product Review: Benefit Push up Eyeliner


Thank God for best friends! A while back Benefit Cosmetics launched their push up Eyeliner. Just by looking at the product, I wasn't impressed. I never wanted to even try the product to see if it worked. I figured (for some strange reason) that it was simply a horrible product. To this day, I don't know why I never gave this eyeliner a chance. It wasn't until I was doing makeup for a wedding in Jacksonville, FL that my best friend encouraged me to try her push up liner. Of course I was very reluctant and probably had every excuse in the book as to why I was going to hate it. Of course I used it and INSTANTLY fell in love! To my surprise, this product was what I was missing for so long. I immediately woke up the next day and found the nearest Sephora and purchased one.

The Eyeliner

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Do you see this applicator?! Come on...get your life! It's so perfect in so many ways. This liner is for anyone from Beginner to Professional. The tip is angled to allow you to have more control of the product. It's perfect for creating the ever so coveted winged liner. The product comes out very matte and black, and it's a gel type consistency. It's almost fool proof! Another great thing about this liner is, it doesn't fade throughout the day. It lasts until you take it off!! There are only 2 things that I see that could be a "con" with this product. The first con is - the product retails for about $24. That can be on the more pricier side, but I can say, it's work every penny. The second con- if you push up too much products, it will begin to chunk away. I found that if I only twist the product to the amount that I needed, it would not produce any chunks. Benefit hit a home run with this product! If you're looking for that perfect eyeliner, this is definitely one you should try.

Pros: Very Matte Black, Easy to use, Long Lasting, doesn't dry out.

Cons: Price $$ (this liner usually sells for $24)

Overall rating: 4/5 cwlogofaviconcwlogofaviconcwlogofaviconcwlogofavicon


Let me know if any of you have tried this product and what are your thoughts. Comments below.


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