Motivational Monday: Plan with Purpose

Happy Monday to YOU!

This past weekend was one of the most amazing weekends ever. I worked all weekend, and totally enjoyed it. I was able to do Hair and Makeup all weekend, while earning an income. How many people are truly blessed to be able to say they enjoy what they do? As I was driving home from finishing up a wedding party, I began to reflect on a time when I wasn't so happy in my career. I remember praying and asking God to please make some changes in my life. I wanted his will to be done, not mine, therefore I was careful not to make any sudden moves or changes. When I felt like God spoke to me and gave me the GREEN LIGHT, I made changes. At this point, I'm at my happiest. Even though I gave up a salaried position.......I'M HAPPY! 

Plan with Purpose

My biggest challenge, (now that I have more flexibility in my schedule) is to utilize my time wisely. Not to waste it doing things that won't further my career or benefit my family and overall outcome. Planning for me, is the key to doing this. Each Sunday, I sit down with a planner or a daily planner sheet. I write down my daily schedule for each day, on this planner sheet, I also include a list of things to do and any appointments that must be made or completed. This sheet allow me to track my water consumption as well as meals for the day. I'm able to also write down any meditation points that I want to remember throughout the day. This planner sheet truly helps me stay organized, and I'm sharing it with you today for FREE! Enter your name and email below to receive your free download! I hope this helps you!