Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003

I FINALLY had a chance to open my Skin Fetish 003 by Pat McGrath!!! I've had it at home for about two weeks, but I had to wait on the perfect time to experience this un-packaging! ha! Pat McGrath knew what she was doing when she included sequins in a very creative package. What woman doesn't like sparkly, glittery MAKEUP?!! Its a two in a one! I have heard so much about this product, and I could not wait to try it for myself. I can start out by saying, this product was $75 which is on the EXTREME pricey side. Needless to say, I had extremely high hopes for this highlighter. For those who don't know about highlighters, let me explain. A great highlighter is a good product for anyone to have no matter your skin tone or level of expert with applying makeup. Highlighters provide that coveted "Glow" that most women desire. GLOW gives you the appearance of radiant and healthy skin. It also adds that extra "something" to your look to amp you up. Check out the video below and come with me as I open my Skin Fetish 003.

Based on what you saw in the video, would you pay the $75 for this product? Talk to me, leave a comment down below and tag a friend.  I really want to know.