My Open Letter to Chrissy Woods

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To God be the Glory. For it is ONLY by his grace and mercy that I am able to see another year of life. I'm so grateful that I am able to celebrate another day on this earth. I can remember as a little girl, birthdays always excited me. It wasn't about the gifts or the parties, it was the fact that my parents went the extra mile to make me feel special. Birthdays were a big deal in my household, they still are, even to this day. Now let's get into this post shall we? It's really surreal to see how we evolve over the years. As a child, I was always called Chrissy by everyone in my family and all of my friends. Throughout school, I was called Charissa (which was always uncomfortable for me). Growing up I was the skinny, buck teeth, odd looking girl (but Mama dressed me reaaaaal nice and I had a dope personality). I never felt like I was the "cool Kid" so to speak, but I was comfortable with my group of friends. Believe it or not, I had the same friends from Elementary, Middle, High School, College and we even still associate to this day. I was raised in a 2 parent household, so I wasn't able to get away with as much mischief as some of my friends. I had a solid upbringing and today, I can truly say, I wouldn't change it for the world. My parents were (and still are) the dopest. They raised my brother and I in a way that most kids wouldn't understand today. One thing my parents couldn't teach me is how to be confident in my own skin. This was a lesson, I would later learn in life. I went throughout most of middle school and high school with braces, which made me even more weird and funny looking. I didn't have guys beating down the door to ask me to prom either. LOL. My absolute BEST FRIEND, Ramsey King (and yes we are still friends) took me to prom, to save me the embarrassment of not having a date. Even though I wasn't the hottest chick in school, I didn't care. I was so happy being fun, liked and smart. I didn't care that I didn't get all of the dates and attention from guys. I did have the eye of 1 particular guy, whom I dated for about 2 years....but any who....LOL. I can honestly say, I enjoyed being a KID. Mom always had my hair done....some of the styles weren't always great choices, but hey, it was me!5166_524402867053_6066874_n-2I eventually graduated high school and headed out for college. I attended Florida A&M University. WOW!! This was a major change for a country girl like me. I was such a tom boy. I wore baggy jeans and Air Max 95's and Wheat Timberlands everyday. I didn't know what heels were or fitted jeans or even thong underwear for that matter. I still wore white underwear and white bras when I left for college. (TRUE STORY). It wasn't until I met my best friend/sister to this day, Camille Guillory, that I learned what it was like to become a young woman. I'll never forget when I came home from school after that first semester. Mom was doing my laundry and saw my NEW underwear. ahahahahah. She was holding them with her index finger and said to me, "What is this?!!" Awww was hilarious. It was also a THONG, which at the time, was my ideal undies of choice. hahaha. My how times have changed. But I began to develop and figure out who I was. I fell in love with Makeup and the Beauty industry. I actually became quite obsessed with it. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, because let's face it, there wasn't a Bachelor's Degree in Beauty. So Nursing became my life! My friends and I all became Nurses actually. We all graduated and moved away. But we made it our business to link up and keep in touch. No matter how hard I tried, I was STILL the awkward looking friend.

Screenshot_2016-03-08-21-29-33For many years, I searched for my sense of style, who I was, what my purpose was in life. I was a Registered Nurse (and a successful one) but I knew there was part of me that was missing. I prayed and I asked God, what he wanted me to do. Can you believe I went from being a customer at the makeup counter, to being the Makeup Artist?Screenshot_2016-03-08-21-28-57

Do you know he took all of those years of being odd, skinny, weird looking and just plain out boring, and had me to create I Am Beauty. It's funny how God works in our lives. I found my purpose, my passion, that 1 thing that fills my tank. It's helping women to feel beautiful inside and out. I never felt beautiful. Being cute from time to time is one thing, but feeling BEAUTIFUL is LIFE CHANGING. I'm so thankful that God used what I considered my flaws and traded me Beauty for Ashes. So as I embark into Chapter 36 of this journey, I can honestly say, I'm Beautiful and I am happy with the Woman, who GOD made me to be. Happy 36th birthday CHRISSY WOODS!


It's time to celebrate Womanhood, Purpose, and Passion!