Nailed it: Maybelline Color Show Street Art


I usually do not manicure my own nails, however I was doing my weekly drug store stroll, and I came across the Maybelline Color Show Collection. I have used the Color Show Collection before, however the new Street Art Collection is amazing. The design of these polishes are beautiful and unique. I picked up Blue Beats in the Street Art collection, and Shocking Seas in the Color Show Collection. I paired them together and I was very pleased with the results. I did notice these polishes chipped very quickly, however, I did not use a top coat or a base coat. Also, when I removed the polish, my nails had a blue tint/stain to them. Again, this could have been because I did not use a base coat. What are some of your suggestions for preventing staining and chipping? Have any of you tried the Color Show Street Art Collections? What have been your experiences with them? Comment below. What are some of your Go-To Nail combos?


color show street art