My Natural Hair Journey


EEEEK!! I'm starting my Natural Hair Journey and I don't know where to begin! I have been inspired by so many women who have kicked the relaxers to the side and have grown beautiful, natural hair. It's such a level of accomplishment. I do believe this is something that I need to do for myself (as well as working out and eating right). I want to totally change my way of living for the better (including my hair care regimen). I know this won't be an easy road but I'm totally up for the journey. I do have a few concerns though....check them out here 

Any advice that you all may have, please let me know. Leave a comment and tell me your Natural Hair Journey experiences. How did you all get started? What products worked? How did you transition? Did you do the big chop or did you do protective styling? And most of all, how did y'all keep those edges under control? Help me out. Comment below. I do plan to give you all (at the very least) monthly updates. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm trying not to over think it, I just want to jump right in and like NIKE....JUST DO IT! Comment below. Let's get a chat going.