My July Favorites

Finally! My July Favorites!

july favoritesWoo Hoo! I've finally had a chance to blog about my July Favorites! I will film my July Favorites video this weekend. I had several items that I was totally in love with this month and I just cannot wait to begin to share them with y'all. Oddly enough, only 2 are actually makeup products! Some are skin care, fragrances, lashes, brushes, etc. Well without further ado, let's get started.




July Favorites #1

july favorites

The first item in my July Favorites has to be my Simple products. I use both the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes and the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. I cannot tell you guys enough how much I love these products. For many years, I have used Cetaphil products after my dermatologist recommended them to me. However, after many years of use, I didn't feel as if Cetaphil was providing me the level of cleanliness I wanted for my skin. I then came across Simple products. These products are made for sensitive skin. They are dermatologist tested, noncomedogenic, and hypoallergenic. My normal routine with these products are as follows: Every morning I cleanse my skin with the Facial wash, using the Skin Care Routines mentioned in the linked blog post and video. Before bed, I use the wipes to remove my makeup, then I wash again utilizing the same skin care routine mentioned earlier. I was very pleased with the healthy, glowly skin these products have given me. My skin remained supple and I had fewer breakouts.

July Favorites #2

july favoritesLadies, have you had those long days at work, or maybe even after a sweaty workout, where the only thing you wanted to do was take a shower and relax? I'm here to tell you...this stuff right here?? THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE?! Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I LOVE Sheer Love by Victoria's Secret. Sheer Love is the perfect blend of femininity with class and sophistication, dipped in sexiness. It smells just like the description of white cotton with pink lily. When I smell this fragrance in the shower, I smile and exhale, it is THAT refreshing. and my husband LOVES it! The body wash is $10 and the body spray is $12, however, you can usually receive a 5 for $30 deal or something similar on any given day at Victoria's Secret. If any of you try this, please provide me with feedback and tell me if you enjoy it as much as I do. ***FYI: I normally wash my body with Lever 2000 first (I'm a nurse so I need to use an antibacterial soap) after I feel as though I'm clean, I will then use the Sheer Love body wash to cleanse my body (not the sensitive areas)*** I don't recommend using this, or any fragranced body wash in your sensitive areas.

July Favorites #3

july favorites As many of you know, I wanted to start wearing lashes. A few videos ago, I featured a company called Lov Eyelashes. I ordered several different styles of lashes in hopes of finding a signature lash that I love. I'm still experimenting with several brands, however, I find myself reaching for the Butterfly lashes #747S. These lashes are 100% human hair and are very natural looking. I will list pricing information below. I have actually worn the same pair of these lashes several days in a row and I have enjoyed them with each wear. I received several compliments while wearing these lashes. If you are looking for a short, natural lash, you should definitely try out a 747S.



Last of the July Favorites

july favorites These are kinda all clumped together in one paragraph. The first is my Real Techniques brush. These brushed can be found at Ulta and some drug stores. This particular brush is the Expert Face Brush. You can use it for applying liquid or powder foundation. I absolutely love this brush. It is great for getting in hard to reach areas, as well as blending/buffing in your foundation. This brush was only about $10 at ULTA!

My next item is of course my "They're Real" mascara by Benefit. Ive talked so highly of this product for quite some time now. This mascara actually does what it says, it lengthens your lashes! I was so amazed when I first used this product how amazing it made my lashes look.I continue to recommend this product by Benefit. I find it to be a bit pricey for a mascara, however, it is definitely worth the money.

Last but not least, I would be miffed if I did not include Urban Decay's eyeshadow "Black Out" in my July Favorites. No matter what eye look I am going for, I always seem to find a way to incorporate "Black Out" into the look.  Black Out is a matte black eyeshadow that is deeply pigmented. I use this shadow for a smokey look as well as for eye liner sometimes. Don't be afraid to incorporate a little black into your eye looks. Even on days that I wear neutrals and browns, I use just a little Black Out to deepen the crease area. I definitely recommend you adding Black Out to your makeup collection.

Welp folks! That is the end of my July favorites. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you all will try some of these products. I am not endorsed by any of these companies, these are truly some of my favorite items. If any of you try any of these please let me know. Leave a comment below or in the comment box! I will be filming a new video this weekend so please stay tuned for that! Thanks so much.....until next time. God Bless!

july favorites


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