Motivational Monday: Me Time

Personal Time is Vital

Just like many of you reading this, I'm a Mother who wears many titles. The feeling of overwhelm is far too familiar. Working hard and "doing what we gotta do" is most often the norm. But when do we as women get a break? Not the kind of break where we sit down to watch tv, but accidentally fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion. But the kind of break that is INTENTIONAL and SCHEDULED. There is a huge difference. Did you know personal time is VITAL to your life as a woman.

I remember a while back having a breakdown in my kitchen. I couldn't stop crying. I was looking for something to wear to an event and I realized, I HAD NOTHING. Not the type of "nothing to wear" that we always HAD NOTHING! I had spent so much time being devoted to my family and my business, that I had let myself completely go. The realization of it, is what really hurt me the most. I kept saying, "How did I let this happen?" I focused so much on the people around me, that the most important person to me.....was neglected.....ME! At this point, you have to reprioritize your life and put YOU (and GOD) in the center not at the end of the list.


Snap Out of It! 

So what do you do when you realize you've put yourself on the backburner? You GET OVER IT accept what once was....and CHANGE IT FAST. When I start to feel overwhelmed and out of control. I first realize, that my relationship with God has managed to drift. So I realign myself with God 1st. See...when you are out of order with God, your life in turn will be out of order. You've become cut off from the source of your help. We sometimes think we can fix things on our own, only to realize, we've made a bigger mess than when we started. So before you making a master plan to fix everything......consult with the Master on what is needed to be done. Spend more time with God and allow him to reveal to you each and every step.

Life Changing Moments

One of the things that changed my life was learning to meditate and spend time with God. I'm not where I want to be, but even where I am now, has changed my life in a major way. I would always battle with reading my Bible at night before I go to bed. Unfortunately, I would be so exhausted from my day, that I would fall asleep before I could read. One day, I decided to wake up early and find a place to read my Bible in the morning, instead of waiting until the night time. This was GENIUS! I now have a ritual that allows me to look forward to waking up early.  Here is an example of what my morning schedule looks like.

0600- Wakeup, wash face, brush teeth, head downstairs, brew a pot of coffee, eat banana or yogurt.

0610- Wake Jayden up for School

0615-0645- Read Bible, Take Notes, and Meditate

0700- See Jayden off to school

0715- Take shower, get dressed for work, do makeup

0800- Leave the house for work

Simply by incorporating a few moments to spend with God, my life has changed. It allows me to start my day on a more positive note. (Opposed to waking up and scrolling down my Instagram and Facebook timelines for an hour). It helps me to eliminate anxiety and frustrations early on in the day, but to replace it with peace and promises of God. Did you also notice, this time I spend with God, there are NO DISTRACTIONS. It's just me, my Bible, God (oh and coffee). This is the BEST form of ME TIME that I could grant myself. Learning how to become a better me, from the person who created me. I encourage each of you to find a few moments to spend time with God. Study his word and learn how he dealt with overwhelm, anger and frustrations. 

Let me know how you deal with overwhelm. I would love to know. Comment below.