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What's the skinny on the Morphe Brushes Palettes? It was time for me to finally give this brand a try. I ordered a few items from them to test their products out. Initially when I placed this order, I was expecting to see my package within 5-7 business days. Unfortunately, it actually took almost 3 weeks to receive my order. This was a bit disappointing to me. I finally received my order on last week, and I couldn't wait to PLAY! I ordered both the 35 B Color Glam Palette and the 9B - Blush Palette. Both of these palettes were on sale for $19.99 each. I thought this was a pretty good deal to receive 35 shadows and 9 blushes for less than $50. This is great way to start a kit or to build your current kit. But first, let's talk about the palettes: morphe palette, color glam palette, morphe blush palette, chrissy woods

The 35B Color Glam Palette:  You will receive 35 of the most beautiful, vibrant, and pigmented colors. These shadows are soft, yet deeply pigmented in color. I was very impressed to see the intensity of each of these colors against my skin tone.

morphe blush palette

9B Blush Palette: This palette had me the most excited. These blushes are so silky and intense for even darker skin tones. There is a combination of both matte and shimmer blushes included in this palette. This makes for endless versatility in your looks. If you are new to makeup or if you are building your kit, I highly recommend this blush palette. The cost right now is $19.99 on sale. Check out this quick video showing the shadows and blushes up close and personal:




So far so good with Morphe Brushes Cosmetics. I'll keep you all posted on how I continue to feel about this brand. Grab a palette or two while they are on sale! Purchase your by clicking the link below.

Purchase Your Morphe Palettes:

35B Color Glam Palette- $19.99

9B The Blush Palette - $19.99