Marc Jacobs - Eau so Fresh

A Woman’s perfume tells more about her than her hand writing
— Christian dior

A few days ago, I asked many of you on Facebook, what fragrances you were all wearing. I had an overwhelming response to find out, many of you are wearing Marc Jacobs' "Daisy." This was no surprise to me because that scent is a show stopper for sure. I wanted to add some new scents to my collection. Currently, some of my favorites are Dolce and Gabbana - "Light Blue"/ Dolce and Gabbana - "Rose the One"/ Armani - "Acqua Di Gioia"/ Balenciaga - "Florabotanica"- just to name a few. 

I now have a new baby to add to my collection. Marc Jacobs - "Daisy Eau So Fresh." As soon as I smelled this fragrance.....I WAS HOOKED! Here is how it's described: 

- Top: natural raspberry, grapefruit, pear.

- Middle: violet, wild rose, apple blossom.

- Base: musk, cedarwood, plum.

I don't know about all of that, but what I DO KNOW is that is smells SO GOOD!!!! If you're interested in any of these fragrances, click the links and order them today. (I love online shopping, I don't have to leave home and my items come straight to my door). Leave a comment below. Let's chat. Have you all tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts?


Dolce and Gabbana - "Light Blue"Dolce and Gabbana - "Rose the One"/ Armani - "Acqua Di Gioia"/ Balenciaga - "Florabotanica" /Marc Jacobs - "Daisy Eau So Fresh.