Influenster Glam VoxBox


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Get Glammed!

I was so super excited to get this Glam VoxBox in the mail. The people over at Influenster were so kind to send me several items to test out and get my opinion. Some of these brands I'm pretty sure we are familiar with, however, they all have lauched new products. Let's dive right into this Glam Vox Box.

Glam vox box, chrissy woods

1. Gillette Venus Razors (retails from $8.49-$13.59)


These razors are said to ease the feel of irritation even on sensitive skin. Each razor is equipped with a touch of aloe for smooth skin. I can't wait to try these on shave day!

2. Venus Shave Gel with a touch of Olay (retails $2.99- $3.99)


Of course I'm going to pair this with the razors.

3. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads (retails $1.49-$3.99)


These pads are so super convenient to have with you for those on-the-go touch ups. After testing these out, I noticed, 1 pad will do my entire hand! I thought that was pretty impressive. The pads also leave a very refreshing scent on your hands, not the normal strong smell of polish remover. My hands also were not dry with that ashy white residue that is normally left behind. They were actually quite moisturized. This product truly impressed me.

4.  Q-tips Cotton Swabs- Precision Tips


Every woman has use for a Q-tip in her beauty regimen. EVERY WOMAN! These Q-tips are so handy because of the precision tip design. I found these to be most useful in my beauty regimen to clean up my mascara mistakes. Often times, the tradition Q-tips are too round to get directly under or above my lashes, however, the pointy tip of this Q-tip is perfect for reaching those hard to reach areas.

5.  Not Your Mother's Clean Freak- Dry Shampoo


I know most African American women, or women of color always wonder, "Why do I need dry shampoo?" Well I used to ask myself this all of the time....until I started wearing weave! Have you ever noticed sometimes your hair get oiler than normal? You don't want to shampoo your hair because it's simply too early for a shampoo, and let's face it, we're just too lazy to do it. Well this is where dry shampoo comes into play. Spray a small amount of this to the root and brush it throughout your hair. This dry shampoo dissolves the oils right before your eyes. Your hair is instantly fluffy and light just how you like it. This product does not leave residue behind in case you're wondering.

6. Shea Moisture - Facial Scrub/ Anti-Aging Moisturizer/ Anti-Aging Mask


I haven't tried these yet, however, I will give a full review once I do. Have you ever tried any of these products? What has been your experience with them?

Let's chat. Comment below.