MAC Cosmetics - In the Spirit (Black Lipstick for Fall)

Let's get into it

If you're like me, I was so super skeptical to rock a dark, bold lip color. However, as of late, something about this dark lip trend has just been pulling at my heartstrings. I HAD TO TRY IT! What better way to try a bold lip than to go all in with a BLACK LIP? I found this particular lipstick at MAC Cosmetics over the summer, and I couldn't wait until Fall to test it out. Now I know many of you are like, "What?! Black lipstick?!" But I challenge you to think outside the box. Who likes to color within the lines anyway? Be different. 

Pulling Off the Look

My biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to make this Black lipstick look tasteful? I opted for a Fall friendly, yet simple look on the eyes. I didn't want to go too bold throughout the entire look. I used my Juvia's Place Nubian 2 Palette  to create the Fall inspired eyes. That palette hands down is one of my favorite palettes. I KNOW I will be using it a lot this fall. You should truly check that palette out. CLICK HERE.

Tips for going bold

1.  Always prep your lips by using a lip scrub. Lip scrubs gently exfoliate any dead or dry skin from your lips, allowing you to have a smooth application of lip color. One of my absolute FAVORITE lipscrubs is by LUSH Cosmetics. This scrub tastes just like Bubblegum and it leaves your lips smooth and hydrated. You can check it out and purchase some HERE. Try it out.

2.  Try using  a lip liner. Lip liners do more than just create a line around your lips. They prevent your lipstick from bleeding and sliding off of your lips. Lip liners are also good when creating an ombre lip effect. I prefer to use a lip liner especially with a dark lip. (*I did not use a lip liner with the black lipstick, I wanted to see the true pigmentation of color). Try some of my favorite lip liners by NYX by clicking here.

3. Wear your confidence. There is no point in wearing a bold lip color, if you're going to wear a timid demeanor. What a waste?! Be confident in your look and be confident in you are. Trust me, you're beautiful. Leave a comment below and tell me what color lipsticks will you rock this Fall? Thanks for reading!

You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.
— Song of Solomon 4:7