How to Get STUFF Done Daily

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "How do you manage all of your stuff every single day?"

For those who don't know.....let me explain. I am the Mother of a very handsome and smart 10 year old son. I'm the lucky wife to a loving and support husband. I am also a full time Registered Nurse (I'm a Director at a Home Care Agency and I am an Instructor at a University here in SC.)  I'm also a Licensed Cosmetologist (I work at a salon Part time) and I'm a Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger. You guessed it....MY PLATE RUNNETH OVER! However, IT GETS DONE! Do you know how?

stop setting unrealistic goals

Often times, you can't get anything done because you set unrealistic goals for your day. Let me tell you, a planner only works if you plan according to your day and the time you allow for each task. If you over task yourself, of course you won't accomplish everything each day. I like to use the Top 3 method. Decide what your Top 3 most important tasks are and plan a time to do each. 

Don't forget to schedule time for breakfast, meditation, lunch, workouts, errands, laundry or other miscellaneous things that are important to you.  How many times have you planned your day and left out a lunch break? You have to be realistic in your goal setting/planning. Everyone has to eat right?

no one made these tasks but you

Why do you get all bent out of shape when you don't check each item off of your TO DO list? YOU MADE THE LIST! Being aimlessly busy is NON-PRODUCTIVE! Don't get caught up in the hype of just being BUSY but not really accomplishing anything. 

stay focused

Remember the why and the who. Why are you grinding so hard? Is it to make a better living for your child? Is it to pay for college? Is it a personal goal? Whatever the reason, remember THAT when it gets tough. It's not always easy to GET STUFF DONE especially when there is more STUFF than time. However, just know, ROME wasn't built in a day and your goals and dreams won't get accomplished overnight. Always give yourself time to look at the 3 R's:

Reflect, Re-evaluate and Refocus. 

Even if you have to take a day off....TASK's worth it. Sometimes we go too hard and don't allow our MINDS to recharge. This is all apart of STAYING FOCUSED. 

Shoot me a comment. I want to know if you have any additional tips to help us all Get STUFF done. Leave your comment below. Until next time.....Be Beautiful, Be YOU, Be BLESSED! 


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