How To: Blend Eyeshadows

When in doubt, Keep BLENDING!
— Unknown

BLEND, BLEND, BLEND! That's a term we hear in makeup far too often, but WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Blending is simply put: creating a clean transition from one color to another. As a matter of fact, blending just might be the the secret weapon of makeup. Without blending you can't create those seamless transitions for that flawless eye look that we all want. Now how do I do it? I'm glad you asked!


A stylist cannot do your hair without a flat iron, blow dyer, shampoo bowl, or combs. So how can you properly do your makeup without the proper tools? YOU CAN'T! The proper tools in makeup are just as important as a Stethoscope is to a Physician. So what are your tools in makeup? BRUSHES!!!! Brushes allow us to move and place product right where we want it on the eyes or parts of the face. I always suggest a brush set, such as the one pictured below. This is an 11 piece, cruelty free, synthetic brush set from BH Cosmetics for only $20!  HUGE STEAL! I ordered one as soon as I saw it. I highly recommend and suggest you order this, you won't find a deal this good that will allow you to create a full face for $20. Click the picture or the link below to order your brush set.


Now that we have our tools, how do we actually blend our eyeshadows? This is the fun part. Blending allows us to let our creativity show through. The easiest way to blend is to start out with 2-3 colors in the same color family, just of different shades. These colors can be as bold or as neutral as you would like for them to be. For example, you can choose a plum, lavender and wine. These colors would look beautiful together.

STEP 1: Start out with your Transition/Crease color (this color should be Matte). Using a blending brush and windshield wiper motions, place mid toned color in the crease. 

Step 2: Place the lightest color (can be shimmer or matte) on the lid using a flat brush and patting motions. You do not want to swipe this color because we want to pack the color on the lid for the most intensity.

Step 3. Take a clean blending brush and blend between the two colors you placed. The goal is to blend away any harsh lines.

Step 4: Take the deepest color (if you chose 3) and place it in the outer 3rd portion of your eye. You want to pack this color on then blend it into the crease. This adds dimension and depth to your eye.


In the video, I showed you how I quickly blended my eyeshadows using 3 colors. You can use this very same technique for any eyeshadow look, just change the colors. Remember, blending is the secret weapon to give you a more polished and seamless application of color each and every time. Order your brushes and try it out. Be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram or Facebook (@mschrissywoods). 

Happy Blending!