The Importance of Purchasing Home Maintenance Products

Take Me Home! 

Often times, I know you have gone to your stylist and have noticed products for sale. These are your home maintenance products. Let's talk about the importance of having home maintenance products. If you come to your stylist on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly) your hair received continuity of care. Meaning, the products are given a chance to work in your hair because they are being applied regularly. Imagine if you had those products at home? If your appointments are biweekly, you now will have the same products that your stylist uses and would be able to shampoo/condition your hair between your appointments.  Purchasing these products won't replace your regularly scheduled appointments because your stylist still identifies areas of concern such as trims, or needed treatments. 

My products of choice are the Naked by Essations brand. These products are great for Natural or Relaxed Hair and it is a Multicultural line. There is a product for every hair type. Feel free to visit my online booking site and add on a Home Maintenance product with your next service. I hope this helps!