Hello September

Hello September 

Fall Fashion 2016

I know with each season change, we typically have a love hate relationship with it. I hate to see the warm weather leave (although it's still extremely hot), however, I am so ready for cooler temperatures. More than anything, I'm ready for FALL FASHION! I love the option of dressing in layers, the beautiful trench and pea coats, hats, scarves and boots (just to name a few of my favs). Fall colors are so beautiful and warm. They always make me feel cozy and comfortable. I'm super inspired already for Fall 2016. 

Fall Beauty

Not only am I in love with Fall Fashion, I equally love Fall Beauty!! There is nothing like the deep cranberry lips, smokey eyes, and plum nail polishes. I'm looking forward to experimenting with new colors with eyeshadows, lipsticks and blush. I know my Youtube channel will be in OVERLOAD with Fall Beauty tips and tutorials. Have you subscribed to my Youtube channel yet? If not, be sure to do so by clicking HERE. I will be challenging each of you to step outside of your comfort zone this Fall and experiment with different colors. But don't worry, I will have you covered. I will show you how to pick lip colors, eyeshadows and much more.  

Fall Goal Setting

Have you re-evaluated your goals lately? Take an evening to sit down and evaluate your current situation. Determine if you are happy where you are, if so, how will you remain there? If you are not happy, how will you change it? Identify areas in your life that need improvement and determine ways to improve in those areas. Consider starting a journal or a planner to help you better achieve these goals. For me, I have truly identified a deficit in Fitness and Eating Clean. My goals will be to exercise at least 3 times/week and eliminate sugars, pork and beef from my diet. Don't worry, I will be documenting this too.....you'll see. LOL. I also want to increase my readership for this blog and gain 500+ more subscribers on my Youtube channel. What will some of your goals be for the Fall and what's the plan to accomplish them? I will be doing  a HUGE series on GOAL SETTING AND GOAL REACHING so be sure to subscribe to my email list to stay updated on that series as well. This Fall 2016, let's reach new heights together. Let's crush our old habits and start new and healthier habits. As a team, we can accomplish the unthinkable. I'm here to help! Leave a comment below and tell me what are some things you want to accomplish this Fall!

Have an amazing September 1, 2016 and I look forward to reaching NEW HEIGHTS with you.