All Eyes On You in January


Happy New Year! We have been blessed to see yet another year, which means we still have time to be GREAT!!!! Each month this year, we will focus on a different topic. How exciting is that?!!! In the month of January, our theme is All Eyes On You!! What better way to start off the year than to start with the very basics of Makeup.....YOUR EYES!! Let's face it, your eyes connect you to people. If you are going on an interview for a job, or wanting to close a very important business deal, eye contact is super important. Even if you're on a first date, making direct eye contact with someone is very common and to be expected. It is important that our eyes are not a DISTRACTION in any situation. Your eyes are so super important in so many ways. I want to teach each of you how to enhance your eyes in a way that is natural and non-distracting. Even if you decide to opt for a more dramatic look, this too can be done with good taste. 


Each week, we will have a different focus pertaining to our eyes.Week 1, we will discuss BROWS!!! WOOHOO!! In my opinion, your brows are the most important part of your eyes. Even the most beautiful eye makeup will still look incomplete if the brows have not been polished and groomed. In order to help us with our weekly focus, I created a Facebook group, I AM BEAUTY BOMBSHELLS. This group is a community of like minded women who share the same interest of Beauty. We may have varying level of skill and knowledge, but that's the beauty of it! We will learn from one another in this group. Most of my posts will be placed in this group. I encourage you to join and engage. Head over there and introduce yourself, tell us who you are, what you do and what you hope to learn from the group. I will also do LIVE mini tutorials in this group, so trust me, you don't want to miss it! At the end of the month, I will do Makeup Audits. A select few individuals will have a chance to Skype with me and receive a 20 min. makeup audit. I will look at your current makeup application and give advice on how to improve! Trust me! You don't want to miss out on this community of women. We need women like you! Click below and join us NOW


I'm so super excited for all of the things that I have in store for 2017 and I Am Beauty by Chrissy Woods. There will be LOTS of EDUCATION for you this year. If you stick with me, you will have total confidence in applying your makeup in 2017. I'm very confident in saying that. With that being said, be sure to tell your friends, family, sisters and cousins about our Facebook group so they too can take part in this awesome community of women.  Thanks so much for being a supporter and I look forward to 2017.  Now let's get this thing POPPIN!!! Head over to the Facebook page and request membership. Our official launch day is Jan. 12, however, head over and introduce your self to the rest of the Bombshells!