Give the Gift of Scent with Scentbird

scentbird 2 I don't know about y'all but I truly love a good perfume. It's something about a new fragrance that just excites me. It's funny because every day as I'm putting on my accessories and getting dressed, I know exactly which scent I want to reach for. Let me tell you all about Scentbird. This is a subscription based site that allows you to experience a new perfume of your choice (up to a 30 day supply) each month. The one thing I love about it is, you pick the perfume. There is a quick questionnaire to help determine your taste in perfumes, and from there you are able to choose which perfume you would like to try each month. Did I mention these were all types of perfumes including the HIGH END brands?! And MEN, no worries, this one is for you too! Yes there are tons of men colognes so ladies check it out for your loved one.

How it works

Once you have taken your survey you can select which fragrances you would like to try and add them to your fragrance wardrobe. You can even place them in order by month when you will receive each one. Initially, you will receive a Scentbird fragrance cartridge which will hold your perfume. Each scent after that will include the refill cartridge.  You will receive a 30day supply of a fragrance from your wardrobe. Your card will be billed $14.95/month each month around the same date, and that's it! It's just that simple.

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Order it for yourself and order one for a friend as a gift. Only because you're a BOMBSHELL I have a coupon code to deduct 15% from your first month....Shhh..this is an exclusive offer. Head over to by clicking here and be sure to use the code "CW15" at checkout to get the offer.

Let me know if you love Scentbird as much as I do!


  Use code: CW15 for 15% off of your first order.