Eye Love Lashes! Updated with VIDEO



I have a new found addiction.................FALSIES! Who knew wearing falsies would be so addictive? I have come to realize a great pair of falsies, really helps to seal any eye look.  The key to wearing falsies is to get the right pair of lashes, the right glue, and the right routine. When I initially started wearing falsies, I couldn't find the right pair. I wanted something natural, yet glamorous to make my eyes POP. I was also using a lash adhesive that wasn't working for me. I finally found a few pair that I absolutely LOVE. It wasn't until I attended the Beauty and the Beat Class- Atlanta, that I found the perfect lash adhesive. In this post I want to share with you all some of my favorite lashes, my routine, and the adhesive that I found to work for me.

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There are several pair of lashes that I would call my "GO TO" pairs of lashes. Luckily, there is a website where I can find ALL of my favorites in one spot. This website has great prices, all of your favorite brands, and fast shipping. If you're interested, log on to this website and check them out.


Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, there is a lash to fit it. First determine, if you want long or short lashes. Also are you looking for more dense/fuller lashes or lashes that are sparse and spread out? Also, are you looking to achieve a natural or bold eye? These are all some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair of lashes. There will be tons of trial and error with this process.

I determined, I enjoy a full lash that is short, yet appears to be natural and flirty. There were several pairs that I found to fit this description. Ardell Runway lashes -Naomi, Ardell Fashion - #107, No name #747s, No name- #46, Butterfly - #66. My all time favorite lashes are Gypsy Lashes - #901. When I'm feeling a little edgy, I use the Cherry Blossom- #62 or #01 for added length and flare.

My absolute favorite lashes that I could wear on a daily basis are the Gypsy Lashes #901. These lashes are simply amazing. They give me the right amount of length and volume that I like to complete even simple eye looks.

 GYPSY LASHES #901falsies


Until I attended the Beauty and the Beat Class with Renny Vasquez and BeatFace Honey I was using Lash Grip to apply my lashes. I was having major trouble with getting my lashes to adhere and to stay using this product. In the class, Renny and Tatiana explained to us that many of their celebrity clients request that they use the red top weave glue to adhere their lashes. falsiesWe all gasped at the thought of this. However, once I got home, I tried it. I was amazed! This glue is amazing! It gets tacky faster, which allows for you to appropriately place your strip lashes along the lash line. My lashes stay all day without shifting or lifting. Once I am ready to remove them, I simply take a makeup remover wipe or a cotton ball and eye makeup remover, then I gently wipe across the lash line where the glue is. The strips slide off without taking out any of my natural lashes.




Can you reuse your strips? ABSOLUTELY! I can wear a single pair of strip lashes at least 2-3 times. The key is proper removal and cleaning. Strip Lashes range anywhere from $0.99- $4.99 ( and higher if you use Mink Lashes) each. Who wants to spend that everyday on a pair of lashes?

Many of you have requested a tutorial on how I apply my lash strips. I will be filming one this evening and it will be posted on Youtube. I think you will be amazed at how simple and fun applying false lashes can be. If you haven't already, subscribe to my Youtube channel and check out some of my past videos.

Until next time.....