Let's just start by saying PLANNERS ARE BAE for me. Seriously. I don't know what my life would be like without a PLANNER or a To Do List of some sort. Often times, as women, we keep so much stuff in our heads until we get crazy!! We come up with the best ideas at the most inopportune times. We keep up with our schedules, the kids' schedules, our spouse's schedules and even try to find space for a grocery list in our heads too. Why?!! That just leads to unnecessary levels of anxiety! Get all of this out of your head! If you're in the car, use the voice recorder app on your phone to record to do lists, ideas, and schedules. This will help you to effectively get the clutter out of your head and allow you to have record of it all. If you are at work or home, grab a sheet of paper and jot down a to do list. Do this daily. Reward yourself by checking off completed tasks.  If I complete all of my tasks for the day, I will reward myself with something. It doesn't have to be big, it can be 1 hour of television or a go to bed early pass. Whatever is important to you, reward yourself with that. This encourages me to stay on task and complete each one.



I know many of you already use a To-Do list of some sort. How many of you actually complete each of your tasks? Most of the time, the problem is not getting the task completed, the problem is we OVER TASK ourselves. Let's be realistic (depending on the level of the task) how many tasks can you complete in one day with a full time job, a child, and a spouse? I say at the most 3-4. We should be cautious of placing more tasks on our plates that we KNOW we can handle. This too will cause unnecessary levels of anxiety. To prevent over tasking, I like to use a system called TOP 3. With this system, I have all of my tasks written out, however, I only concern myself with my TOP 3 tasks. This requires us to prioritize our tasks based upon need and time. Maybe the laundry can wait until Wednesday instead of Tuesday, however the grocery shopping must be done on Tuesday. Add grocery shopping to your TOP 3 for Tuesday. From there, begin to develop your grocery list and stay on task in the grocery store. Only purchase what you need, (this also helps to keep you within budget). Once you have developed your TOP 3, only focus on completing those tasks for that day. Here is a sample of what I use. I purchased this planner sheet from Etsy.com. You can make your own, or simply grab a sheet of paper and a pen.


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with what you HAVE to do or NEED to do, that you end up doing NOTHING?! *raises hand* The key to being productive and handling your business......is....to GET PRODUCTIVE, AND HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS! I mean seriously, you have got to start somewhere right?! So today, at least acknowledge your need for organization for a productive life. Grab a planner from Walmart or Office Depot or start a To-Do list with your TOP 3 listed. The point is...just start somewhere. The longer you procrastinate, the further away accomplishing your goals will be. Let me know how you plan to start a more productive life? What are some tips you can provide that you are currently doing? Share your thoughts below. 


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