Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

Dear Monday, thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s french for “mine”. In case you weren’t aware, Monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, & frankly that sounds like a much more promising way to start the week.
— Unknown

When I read this quote, it made me think of Mondays in a totally different light. Usually we look at Monday as a gloomy, dreary let down from the weekend. Why is that? Is it because Monday reminds us of a job that we hate? Or is it because we are in a school for a major that doesn't really interest us? What is it about your Monday that brings about this sense of impending doom and borderline depression? Think about this:

  • If you hate your job, maybe it's time to figure out what do we hate about it. If you can, talk to your boss and see if you can change departments.
  • If you are not interested in your major, before switching prematurely, take money out of the equation, find out what truly interests you...and do that.
  • Evaluate your happiness or lack there of. Eliminate what doesn't add to your happiness and START OVER! Don't let anything or anyone enter your HAPPY BUBBLE unless they are making a deposit. NO WITHDRAWALS. 

CONSIDER THIS: What would happen if we looked at Mondays are "OUR" days? What would happen if we looked at Monday as a day of CONQUER instead of a day of doom? What would happen if we TOTALLY ROCKED OUT our Mondays? I'll tell you what: If you looked at you Mondays different, it would set the tone for your week. It would set you up for an amazing week filled with great expectations? You don't believe me? Try it out. Stop what you're doing right now (including reading this) and make a conscious effort to change your attitude. (Now come back to this...LOL).

Say it with me: 

I decided to re-set the tone for my week. This week, starting on this beautiful Monday, I will have an organized week full of great accomplishments. I expect God to do great things for me and others this week. I know that he will blow my mind with the things he is able to do. This week, I will be a blessing to others, not a hinderance. I will pay it forward in some way, to whomever the Lord places on my heart to do so. I will allow God to use me in however way he sees fit. This week, starting today, I choose to be happy, I choose to love myself, and I choose to be a child of God. I will no longer look at Mondays as a day doom, instead I will look at Monday as "MY DAY." For I know that each day is not promised, however, Monday is MY DAY as God granted me and allowed me to see it. I will use my talents to touch others in a way that would make God smile. I will CONQUER MY MONDAYS!

Have a great Monday!!!! Let me know how you CONQUERED YOUR MONDAY! Leave a comment below.