3 Christmas Party Do's and Don'ts


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes! It's Christmas time and that means there will be tons of Christmas Party invites. I know personally, I receive both invites from the corporate world as well as from my personal life. There are a few things that I believe you should and should not do at a Christmas Party. Here are my 3 Christmas Party Do's and Don'ts.


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Depending on the type of Christmas party you are attending, I always believe it's of good practice and etiquette to not come empty handed. After all, your host did not have to invite you. I'm sure there are other people who could have taken your place, however you were the receiving end of the invite for a reason. Therefore bringing a nice bottle of wine or Apple Cider (if your guests are not drinkers) is always a gift that is well received by most people.


I think this should be the #1 thing on this list. I can't count how many times I have seen that embarrassing moment where someone has had 1 too many. It usually does not turn out to too well for that individual. This is especially true for Corporate Christmas Parties. Always keep in mind, these individuals are your co-workers, your Supervisors, or employers. We must always keep the image of Professionalism, even off the clock at Corporate Parties. I always stick to the rule, if alcohol is offered or served, stick to a 1 drink or NO DRINK maximum. You would hate to get passed up on that promotion because your Boss finds out you are irresponsible with your drinking. It would also be horrible for your staff to no longer respect your authority due to your poor decision making skills at the Christmas Party.

200-2 200-3If you are attending a Christmas Party of a friend, it would still be of good practice to drink the minimum. Of course you don't have to be as professional at a social gathering however, you don't want to be looked at as the LUSH of the crowd. It certainly is no fun to vomit at a party or pass out! Yeah....don't be THAT GIRL.

[ctt title=" It certainly is no fun to vomit at a party or pass out! Yeah....don\'t be THAT GIRL." tweet=" It certainly is no fun to vomit at a party or pass out! http://ctt.ec/m762e+ be THAT GIRL." coverup="m762e"]


OK....I could truly stay on this topic for quite a while.......BUT I WON'T.  I mean seriously, we're all grown here, but believe it or not, some people still don't know what's considered appropriate. There is a way to be sexy without showing too much skin, and leaving a little for the imagination. Form fitting dresses (Body con) can also push the envelope a tad bit depending on how you pair these dresses. Fur vests and blazers are always amazing staple pieces that can accentuate a dress or outfit, and yet provide a means to cover form fitting attire. Remember, its a Christmas Party, not a Runway. You can still look FABULOUS without leaving a bad taste in your host's mouth. (And besides, who can work a runway better than Naomi Campbell?!)

christmas party do's and don'ts, chrissywoods,

Those are just some quick tips on what to do and not to do this year at your Christmas Party. Most of all have fun, and drink responsibly. It's always a good idea to call UBER if yo don't feel comfortable driving home. It's always better to arrive alive. Drinking and Driving is NEVER the responsible thing to do.  I wish you all an amazing holiday full of LOVE, FUN, and filled with BLESSINGS from God. Stay safe!


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