Prom Do's and Don'ts


I remember the fun and excitement that overcame my friends and I during Prom Season. We were all looking forward to the hair, the nails, that fabulous dress, putting on makeup, and most of the PARTY! Growing up, I didn't have an older sister to look up to, or to give me any advice. Many of you may be in that same situation. I developed a quick list of Do's and Don'ts to help you on your prom night!

Prom Do's:

1. Hire a Makeup Artist: Let's face it. Makeup Artists have a job for a reason, they know what they are doing. What better time to pamper yourself with a full professional makeover than during prom season? Let the MUA perform her magic and have you looking like the belle of the ball on your prom night. In 2015, one bad makeup moment is just moments away from being a complete VIRAL disaster!

2. Take your time buying the dress: The Prom dress is one of the most (if not THE MOST) important part about prom.  Your prom dress allows you to express your individuality and to look your best on your prom night. You want to purchase a dress that helps to accentuate your assets, and one that downplays your not so comfortable areas. You don't to break your parents' bank to get an amazing gown/dress. Try to stay within an allotted budget, or get creative with fund raising.

3. Pack a Diva Stash in your purse. What's a Diva Stash? It's my little name for items that are important to keep you refreshed during your prom. Ok so now that we know what a Diva Stash is….what will you put in your Diva Stash?

  • Lipgloss/Lipstick (you will need to re apply your lip color throughout the night)
  • Bobby Pins - These come in handy if you are wearing your hair up OR down. After all of that dancing, you may want to pin your hair up throughout the night.  Trick: Buy a pack of TicTacs, empty it out and place the bobby pins in this container. (You can place the Tic-Tacs in a ziplock bag)
  • Blot Papers (ELF has amazing blot papers that you can purchase from Target $3)- This helps to remove the shine from your face throughout the night.

4. Carry Cash and a Cellphone - This is for emergency purposes! If you're riding with friends and things get out of hand (I pray they won't), keep your phone and some cash handy to call your parents! Also, make sure your location is TURNED ON, on your cellphone. You want your parents to be able to track you, in case of emergencies….seriously.


1. Don't think Prom is a time to do drugs- When I was in high school, several of my friends were into recreational drugs and alcohol. Prom is not the one moment where it is cool or fun to try drugs and alcohol. Take the pledge to stay drug and alcohol free.

2. Don't feel pressured to do anything that you don't want to do! Don't allow anyone to make you feel uncomfortable…..EVER!

3. Don't lie to your parents. Be good stewards of your resources, time and your word. If you tell your parents you'll be at a certain location……be at that location! It's for your own safety.

Always remember to have a GREAT time! These are some of the best years of your life. Make memories and make them good. Last but not least…...


Love you all and Have an amazing PROM NIGHT!