Brow Bar 101

What is Brow Bar?

Brow Bar 101 is an online course that EVERY WOMAN needs in her life.  Did you know your brows framed your face? Yes! Without your brows properly groomed, your overall appearance can look off centered and washed out. Did you know sometimes a neatly groomed and filled brow, mascara, and lipstick can give you an instant facelift? Brows are super important to your overall look and they are essential to any makeup application. I created Brow Bar 101 to break down the theory and education of brows. Unlike Youtube, I don't just show you how to sculpt MY brows, I teach you how to determine which brow shape, product, and technique is just right for you.

How Does it work?

Brow Bar 101 is broken down into 4 modules. Each module contains a short video along with a presentation to thoroughly teach you all about brows. These modules are self paced meaning, you complete them at your leisure. You will have LIFETIME access to this course and you can watch it as many times as you need. At the end of the course, there is a live demonstration as well as a certificate of completion. How awesome is this? Brow Bar 101 is simply what you need! The best part is.....its only $15!!! That's less than the cost of a Brow Wax. Imagine learning how to perfect your brows on your own, and not having to pay for a wax. You will learn all of this and much more in Brow Bar 101.  You can't afford NOT to enroll in Brow Bar 101 today. Get started with Brow Bar 101 immediately.  ENROLL TODAY