Brides: Why hire a Makeup Artist for your Portraits and Wedding Day

It's wedding season, and congrats to all of the soon to be brides.  There is nothing that can make a girl smile like the thought of pure LOVE! Most women grow up imagining what their wedding day will consist of…the colors, the flowers, who will be the bridesmaid, and the number one question is….who will be the groom? Many of us do not consider what our makeup will consist of on our special day. We want to look perfect for our soon to be husband. We want to be sucked, tucked, and flawless as we walk down that aisle. But do you ever consider how will you accomplish this look? This post will give you some of the top reasons why you should hire a Makeup Artist on your special day.

I can just go to MAC and let them do my makeup

I hear this far too often. Sure, you can, however lets review the pros and cons shall we? The Pros: you will receive a beautiful makeover from a professional makeup artist and have $25 worth of products (because you do have to purchase products) to take home. However, there are several cons to this as well. You will have to set an appointment and go to the makeup counter to have your makeup applied. Depending on the time of your wedding, this travel may pose a time restraint. You may need touch ups, however there won't be an artist there to do so. By making the decision to hire a Professional Makeup Artist, you have eleiminated so many potential problems. The Makeup Artist will come to the location of your wedding. She will bring her makeup kit, to include all products necessary for you and your bridal party to receive the perfect look for your special day. The MUA would also be available for post wedding/pre reception touch ups to ensure that your photos look amazing. Another advantage of hiring a MUA is for your bridal party. We all have that one friend that we wonder where she got her sense of style from. If you hire a MUA you will know that all of your wedding party will compliment you with fabulous makeup. Are you starting to see the advantages here?

I can do my own makeup

When you need your car repaired, you don't take it to a fireman. So why attempt to apply your own makeup when it's not something that you are skilled in doing? Your wedding day is a day you will nevertheless or get for the rest of your life. When you look at your photos you will smile and relive that day over and over again.