B.O.M.B. Series - Juvia's Place

I am super excited to start my series of Black Owned Makeup Brands (B.O.M.B.). This will help bring awareness to Black owned companies that we all may not be familiar with. I saw this term B.O.M.B. used on Youtube and just fell in love with the concept. I will also provide coupon codes (when I'm able to) to reduce some of the cost of these products if you're interested in making a purchase. 

Juvia's Place 

The first company I decided to feature is a company that I've seen floating around social media for a while now. That company is Juvia's Place. I was so intrigued by this company because the palettes were GORGEOUS!!!!! After researching this company, I discovered, they are cruelty free! Juvia's Place believes in the beauty of every woman, with or without makeup. I love their concept and I couldn't wait to try their products.  I ordered the Nubian 2nd Edition Palette and I was shocked at how fast I received it. The palette came with 12 LARGE pans and deeply pigmented colors. Of the 12 eyeshadows, 4 are MATTE and 8 are SHIMMER. I filmed a video to show you all about this palette and how to create a very basic smokey eye using this palette. Check out my video below.

This palette is blowing your mind right? I don't know of any company that provides THIS MUCH product for such a great price. Juvia's place also has Cruelty Free Brushes and Eye lashes listed on their site as well. I have not tried either the brushes or the lashes yet, but I do plan to invest in some in the near future. If you're looking for a Black Owned Makeup Company, I do suggest Juvia's Place. Based upon my experience, I know you will receive timely shipping and an excellent product. If you are interested in supporting this brand you can visit their site by clicking HERE .  I will tell you this, if you're interested in the Nubian 2nd Edition Palette, it SELLS OUT FAST! So go ahead and check it out NOW!