B.O.M.B. Series - AJ Crimson

Happy Wednesday!!! I'm continuing with my Black Owned Makeup Brand Series. This time I wanted to bring to light Mr. A.J. Crimson!!! *insert applause* This may be a brand that you haven't heard of if you're not in the Beauty Industry, but let me fill you in.

AJ Crimson is an amazing Makeup Artist, Innovator and Lifestyle Specialist. I had the pleasure to meet AJ Crimson over 3 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia. I attended the AJ Crimson Academy that was hosted by him. Not only did he demo his talent as a Makeup Artist and provide us with techniques, he educated us on the business of the Beauty Industry. I had the chance to listen to his story of rags to riches. I was so inspired by the challenges, fears and risks that were involved in getting him to where he is today. AJ became a Makeup Artist out of necessity, which in turn allowed him to create this amazing beauty brand.

While at the class, we received a package with all 8 shades (at the time there were only 8) of his foundations and I purchased all 3 of his Universal Finishing Powders. AJ was so ahead of his time in creating these foundations and powders. All 8 shades blended beautifully together which makes these foundations perfect for highlighting and contouring. At the time, I was a beginner Makeup Artist, and even I figured out back then, there was no real use for concealer with these products. The coverage of these foundations are medium to full, however, they are extremely buildable (meaning, you can add more foundation for a more fuller coverage). The one thing I love about these foundations is I only needed these 8 shades to provide services for anyone of any ethnicity. There are now 12 shades of these foundations and he even has highlight/contour kit combinations! He did all of the work for you! To help with selecting your shade, he has sample Match me kits as well.

The powders totally replaced the powders I was using by Ben Nye. They were fine milled and the tones were more complementary to my skin tone and the skin tones of my ethnic clients. At the time, he had 3 powders, now looking at his website, there is only 1 called the Universal Powder. It appears to have a more Neutral finish for all skin tones.

I made a video back in 2013 swatching these foundations. Check out that video below: The swatches start at 3:21, skip to that part of the video. Excuse the lighting, I was new to Youtube. LOL

Check out AJ Crimson's website. He also has lipsticks available. I haven't tried the lipsticks, so I can't give an official review of those products. Please visit his site HERE .  I hope you will check into his products. If you have used these products, please let me know what are your thoughts?  Thanks for reading!