Beyonce "Haunted" Inspired Makeup


Beyonce: Haunted Inspired Makeup

I don't know what it is about this new Beyonce album, but it has truly inspired some amazing makeup. Of course it's probably because of Beyonce's amazing Makeup Artist Sir John B. The number of Makeup looks created by Sir John B in Beyonce's latest album are absolutely amazing. I was particularly drawn to the look listed below from the video "Haunted." In that visual, Beyonce looks stunning with a dark smokey eye and a bold red lip. She is wearing her signature natural brow and she is highlighted to perfection. This is a very Hollywood Glam look and Beyonce is wearing it well.  I was inspired to create this look because of the fierceness in her eyes.

beyonce haunted

I decided to recreate this look and show you all what I came up with. In my recreation I wanted to channel the same boldness and fierceness of the eyes.

beyonce haunted

I hope you all enjoyed this look. What are some of your favorite looks from the visuals? Leave your comments below. Until the next video!

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