Bath and Body Works Candles DIY Project

DIY: Bath and Body Works Candles 



Don't throw away those used Bath and Body Works Candles. Did you know they make amazing decor for your home? Yes!!! You can re use them to store items such as your makeup brushes, Q-tips or cotton swabs and a host of other items. The steps are super easy and you can really allow your creativity to help you create something Fantastic for your home or office. I truly rack up on these candles from Bath and Body Works when they are $8 or $12!! Check out the video below for step by step instructions on how you can re-use your Bath and Body Works Candles.

Here is a quick pictorial on how I completed my DIY. I hope you all enjoyed this quick post. Be sure to Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you won't miss any of my video. Talk to you all soon.