3 Reasons Why Your Makeup Isn't Poppin

Time and time again I get asked the same question, "Why isn't my Makeup Poppin like yours?"  Well first off, I can tell you, my makeup wasn't always poppin that's for sure. But secondly, you don't have anyone to give you this good tea I'm about to serve you. So take notes, get excited, and let's get you on your way to better makeup.

You Don't Love Your Skin

Great makeup starts with great skin. Think of it this way, when you prepare to paint something, typically, the first thing you do is sand it with sand paper. Why? Because you want a smooth surface to apply your paint on. Your makeup is the paint! If that foundation is uneven, bumpy, or uncared for, the makeup will reflect that and it too will be uneven and bumpy. Remember, makeup can correct color, not texture. So you must develop a skin care regimen that's right for your skin type.

Cookie Cutter Makeup Won't Work

So you've watched tons of Youtube videos and you're ready to try your own makeup step by step, just like you saw on Youtube. You start your makeup, but your finish doesn't quite look like what you saw on Youtube. Typically this has to do with TECHNIQUE and PLACEMENT. Every face isn't the same therefore we can't apply makeup as if they are. Each one of us have unique facial structures which may require us to place our makeup in different areas of our eyes, cheeks, and overall face.

it's all in the tools & products

The days of using the cotton applicators that come in the eyeshadow palettes, or the round sponge that come in the bottom of the compact, are LONG OVER! We have evolved honey. We now know that there are sponges and brushes that work better to give us a more flawless finish. Investing in a great set of brushes and quality products will definitely make a large impact on the improvement of your makeup application. Using products that work well with your skin type and tools that are specific to your face shape, is well worth the extra dollars. 


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