Finding Your Life's Purpose


I was scrolling on my Facebook timeline and I read a status that said, "If You're Not Doing What You Love, You're Wasting Your Time." The young woman who posted it stated, "That's the problem, I don't know what I Love." This deeply saddened me and inspired me to write this post. 

I'm so passionate about seeing women, all women, walk and work in their purpose. I'm a firm believer that God gave each of us spiritual gifts which enable us to help others throughout life. (1 Corinthians 12:1-11).  I remember about 5 years ago, I was in a place of frustration, and unhappiness. I was a single mother, working as a Registered Nurse in a hospital, living in my own house, making great money, but again, I wasn't happy. I didn't feel fulfilled. I had no purpose, or talent. I felt like I was drifting through life, doing what was expected of me, which at the time was to work a job....make a great living...and care for my son. I knew there was more to life than this. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a BAD LIFE. I just KNEW I had a greater purpose.  I remember praying so consistently that God would reveal my purpose to me. I began to write in my journal every night and this helped me to make my prayers specific. Once my prayers became specific, I felt as though God began to speak into my heart. 


It wasn't long after that I discovered my love for Makeup. Of course I didn't know what I was doing. But I noticed it gave me a sense of peace and brought joy to me in ways that I couldn't explain. Soon after, I met my husband. He encouraged me to pursue makeup as a hobby. I thought this was absolutely absurd and ridiculous. Who makes a living from Makeup? I'm a Registered Nurse! life continued on....I became a Makeup Artist. For a while, I thought Makeup was my ministry. I thought Makeup was my purpose, and my Passion. As I have grown spiritually, I have realized, Makeup was just a bridge for me to reach women in a way that I may not otherwise have been able to. It allows me to minister to them in a way of self love and fulfillment. I can do things like write posts like this to inspire and encourage women around the world. When women sit in my chair, its an intimate space. It allows me to pray for broken women, or women who lack confidence or just women who need purpose and direction.


So as I sit here, I want to encourage you to not worry about what you love. Ask God to show or reveal to you your purpose. Your purpose and your passion may  not always meet, but if they do, it's a beautiful thing. Our ultimate goal is to be pleasing in God's eyes and to share with others the goodness of God. He is to be given all honor and Glory in all that we do.

Hold on, be encouraged and don't focus on your current situation. Because I'm a living testimony, it won't be like that always. Leave a comment below.


First Look at Fenty Beauty


Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know Rihanna launched her new Makeup line, FENTY BEAUTY. This line has been receiving tons of press and attention. Here are the details from the Fenty Beauty website:

The line includes a 100% Cruelty Free 40 shade foundation range. The foundations are light weight, and buildable, providing medium to full coverage. You receive 1.08 ounces of product for $34. The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that's resistant to sweat and humidity, and won't clog pores so that wherever you are, it's going to work on your skin. Best of all, this longwearing, light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin — so you always look like you. 



The line also includes a primer. The primer is oil-free primer smooths away the look of pores, visibly evens skin tone and texture, and instantly absorbs shine without feeling dry or chalky. 




Unlike your everyday highlighter, Killawatt keeps skin lit beyond sundown with its weightless longwear formula — a cream-powder hybrid that instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort.


Conceal and Contour: 

Meet the magnetized longwear makeup sticks that come together in two light-as-air finishes and a shade lineup to satisfy your every need: MATTE Skinsticks conceal, correct, and contour. SHIMMER Skinsticks highlight, blush, and enhance—so you can mix and match, magnetize and multiply.

Match Stix SHIMMER Skinstick lets you highlight, blush, and enhance with its sick rainbow lineup: 10 universal colors that catch light in ways you never dreamed of.



This universal blotting powder contains an exclusive pore-diffusing complex that absorbs shine and gives you a natural matte refresh for an instantly filtered look—so you’re always ready for a shine-free snap.



Brushes and Tools:




Here is my Facebook LIVE - Swatches and 1st look video:

My Facebook 1st Impressions/Review:


Did you purchase anything from the line? What are your thoughts on the products? Do you think the price point was spot on or too expensive? Drop a comment below. Let's chat.

The only Eyeshadow Palette You will Need this Fall

We are already in August!!! Eek!! Where did the Summer go? I went to the grocery store this weekend and Fall items were already being put on the shelves and on the displays!! Wow!! As the seasons change, our makeup routines should change as well. The Fall brings about cooler temperatures and warmer colors. I found the perfect eyeshadow palette that will get you through the Fall. You can create endless looks with this palette for day or night, for the office or after 5 activities. This palette is the Morphe 35N Color Palette. It is absolutely amazing. You get 35 eyeshadows for only $19.99. These are all matte shadows which allows for easy blending in the crease areas with all colors. This palette will allow you to create endless looks throughout the Fall season. 

Using warmer colors can give off a more natural, "no makeup-makeup" type of look. These looks are amazing paired with a bold lip and a berry toned blush. Here are a few examples a more natural look.

These palettes typically sell out fast, so get ahead of the game and get your palette. I will have tutorials coming up using this palette. This will allow you to follow along and provide inspiration for your Fall makeup looks. This will be fun! Let me help you step up your eyeshadow game this Fall.